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Why Principia

We believe that work should be meaningful, sustainable, and engaging. To achieve this, you need more than technical knowledge: you need the right competencies, skills, and characteristics. This is especially true for 21st century professionals.

As an innovative social enterprise, we use an assessment-based approach to help you achieve your goals in competence-related initiatives. Know more about our services.

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Know What We Can Do

We can help: tailor our 21st Century Professional Foundations competency profile; identify competencies, skills, and characteristics that are critical to a role; assess an individual’s or group’s intercultural competence; source or develop assessments tailored to your needs; convert assessments into actionable intelligence; and lead or support assessment projects, including policy review and test item development.

Our tailored approach to partnering with clients leverages our knowledge of executive leadership, assessment, adult education, human resources, project management, analysis, communications, intercultural competence, law, and technology.

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Who We Are

Our team embodies a diverse array of competencies, skills, and characteristics. While each of our team members brings a distinct perspective, we are united by a passion for meaningful work, a commitment to lifelong learning, and a belief that our jobs should be engaging, fulfilling, and even fun.

We know what it takes to develop an award-winning team; it starts with helping individuals be the best they can be. We are committed to bringing our energy and experience to helping you achieve that goal. Know what we bring to the table. Know our team.

Jennifer Flynn, CEO

Daniel García, COO

Michaela Geddes, CSO

Sky Sun, Data Analyst

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