• Professional Foundations

  • Universal competencies that professionals need to practise

What are Professional Foundations?

The 21st Century Professional Foundations Competency Profile outlines universal competencies that professionals need to practise safely, effectively, and sustainably today.

We use the term “professional foundations” to refer to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are essential to all professionals, regardless of discipline. While different people rely on these competencies in different measures, these competencies are central to all professional work.

We believe that the world is a better place when professionals are empowered to do and be their best.

Why use Professional Foundations?

Our belief in the potency of competency profiles drives our commitment to enhancing their quality. While these profiles wield significant influence in professional spheres, they often lack essential foundational competencies.

Recognizing this gap, our interdisciplinary team embarked on a mission to identify and articulate these universal competencies, transcending disciplinary boundaries. Grounded in sound practices and systemic principles, our profile aims to offer a clear, concise, and adaptable framework for professionals across various roles.

By bridging disciplinary divides and encouraging collaborative reflection, we strive to continually evolve and refine this living document, inviting feedback and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

How are Professional Foundations assessed?

Professional foundations are assessed using the Principia Professional Foundations Proficiency Scale, which consists of six gradations.

The scale begins with “Pre-discovery,” where professionals lack awareness of a competency, progressing to “Discovery” as they become aware of its relevance. Subsequent stages involve “Attempting,” “Doing,” and “Excelling” at the competency, culminating in “Leadership” where professionals model and transform practice.

This scale adopts a positive and growth-oriented approach, emphasizing progression rather than labeling proficiency levels negatively.

With the right tools, taking the next step to using the Professional Foundations is easier than you think. Contact us to discuss how to access the openly licensed 21st Century Professional Foundations Competency Profile and Proficiency Scale at info@knowprincipia.com.